The Brand

DU SELL started its activities in 1991 in the city of Pomerode / SC with Claus Sell, accountant, and his wife Tânia, an economist.
The company emerged because of the couple’s dream of own business. There was the prospect of the birth of their first daughter, and consequently the need of greater financial security. Besides Claus’s newly discovered hearing problem got worse and he feared that prejudice could be a problem in his professional career.
Shortly we can say that the company emerged based on the fight against prejudice. It is also based on this that the bet on the Plus line is strong and has been gaining strength. Initially, the company produced women’s fashion and sold its products in its own wholesale store and salesmen.
In 2003, the company stopped producing casual fashion and started to invest in female sportswear. In 2017, the company launched its first Men’s line and the result has been very positive. The year of 2018 was special, since the launch of the Beach line was a big step. The owner and stylist, Tânia, is very proud: “The Brazilian beach fashion stands out in the world and I always wanted to be a part of it!”
Today the company has three own stores in the state of Santa Catarina and has about one thousand shopkeepers throughout Brazil, as well as trading partners abroad. DU SELL is concerned with quality and fashion trends, always investing in technology, both in the fabrics and in its industrial patrimony. There is special concern with clothing modeling, which is differentiated and anatomical, valuing the different physical types.
Finally, DU SELL values ​​a pleasant work environment, with good mood, fashion passion and flexibility to listen to different points of view, free from prejudice.