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Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is very successful among women as it means health and beauty. With it it is possible to reduce measures and weight. It also stimulates tissue regeneration, improves the immune system, is relaxing and soothing, fights cellulite and localized fat, and also enhances the body’s anti-inflammatory action. It is a massage technique used to […]

Sustainable Fashion

Fashion never stops in time. As trends change, many garments are rendered unusable or unduly discarded by individuals, and may damage nature. But sustainability never promises to go out of style. There are companies concerned with social responsibility and with the effects that their production can have on the environment and people’s lives. From the […]

Redneck party

The June festivals in Brazil are, in essence, multicultural, although the format with which we now know them originated in the feasts of the popular saints in Portugal: the Feast of St. Anthony, the Feast of St. John and the Feast of St. Peter and São Paulo mainly. The country clothes or saloias are a […]


If you want to adopt a rottweiler, it is essential to know more about the breed before. Not a dog suitable for everyone and in this post you will find the reason. The first thing you need to understand is that you can not adopt a dog from anywhere. Taking a puppy from a negligent […]

Candy for Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day is coming and you still do not know what to give yours? How about a stuffed heart candy? Nothing better than sweet to please who you love. And he’s still healthy, so she’ll be able to eat without guilt! INGREDIENTS: 300g chocolate 70% White Chocolate Peanut Paste Cereal alcohol + golden edible powder! […]

Running for Beginners

Running is a great exercise because it burns lots of calories, lowers cholesterol, and improves sleep quality. If you want to start running, here are some tips to help you on this journey! Do not overdo it Running is a high-impact physical activity. That’s why you should avoid running more than 4 times a week. […]

Sweet Crepe

One of the biggest enemies for those who want to follow a diet or a dietary reeducation is the sweet desire. Often intensified with stress, it induces people to do everything for a chocolate bar or a delicious cake. This sweet will is super normal and ignoring it can always lead to binge eating. An […]

Stretching is important!

Stretching should be done by everyone, not just by athletes. Its benefits are as follows: Prevention of muscle injuries: With stretching, strength of muscle fibers is strengthened and the likelihood of developing injuries and cramps during exercise is reduced. Flexibility increase: Stretching increases flexibility and improves physical and daily performance. Physical well-being promotion: Daily stress […]

Holiday in Bonito

My family arrived yesterday evening for a trip, with much to tell about their vacation in Bonito / MS. I stayed, then, motivated to write about that in the blog. My parents, Claus and Tânia, are the owners of Du Sell. They and my sister Alana took advantage of the holiday to travel. Bonito is […]

Detox Juices To Lose Weight!

The detox juices help to lose weight because they have few calories. They are healthy because they are rich in nutrients and fibers that improve the functioning of the liver and intestine. And they still have antioxidant action, helping to strengthen the immune system. Ideally, take about 500 ml daily combining with a balanced diet […]

The 10 Best Beaches in Brazil

Abril Magazine listed the 10 most beautiful beaches in Brazil. DU SELL produces Beachwear and is located in Brazil. So we would like to share with you this ranking: 10th place: Bonete, Ilhabela (SP) Small fishing village. Blue sea and preserved forest. Paradise! 9th place: Lagoinha do Leste, Florianópolis (SC) Soft and white sand. Untouched […]