Du Sell works with quality fabrics. Check out our technologies:
FITNESS: Composition 88% Polyamide / 12% Elastane.
Fitness is similar to Supplex. The great difference of this fabric is that we have weaved it ourselves since 2006.
Approved Rhodia, Amni Action and Amni UV Protection.
Our pieces feature the exclusive Amni 66 polyamide, created to provide softness, comfort and quick drying to the clothes, making it the perfect choice to increase performance and exceed its limits.
Amni UV Protection. Created to protect the skin from harmful action of UVA and UVB rays, with 50+ sun protection factor present in your DNA.
EMANA – Composition 88% polyamide / 12% elastane.
Emana is also produced in Du Sell, this again being the great differential in price, Emana is a clever thread that takes care of the beauty of your skin. Its innovative technology, with bioactive minerals, enhances the appearance of cellulite, increasing elasticity and reducing skin imperfections, making it even more beautiful. Its properties remain after endless washes because the technology is in the DNA of the yarn. Emana also helps in her sporting performance.
Also Approved Rhodia, the essential characteristics of the Emana are:
– Reduces the signs of cellulite;
– Increases skin elasticity;
– Reduces muscle fatigue and increases sports performance;
– Maximum comfort and well-being.
FITNESS STAMPING – Composition: 88% polyamide / 12% elastane.
Fitness Stamping is produced at Du Sell.
Approved Rhodia, Amni Action and Amni UV Protection.
Exclusive prints and digital quality, developed based on national and international market research.
ULTRACOOL – 100% polyamide composition
UV Protection Protetion Fabric and Bacteriostatic Treatment that blocks the action of bacteria. Already in several collections and has been growing significantly its sale, being sold from January to January.
CIRRÊ – Composition: 85% polyamide / 15% elastane.
Salotex fabric, shiny appearance, similar to leather. Extremely comfortable and with 50+ protection against UVA and UVB rays.
ENERGY UP: Thermo. Maintains body temperature.
VISCOLYCRA – Composition 92% viscose / 8% elastane
Da viscolycra we can mention that it has a higher weight than those found in the market, giving a better stability for the mesh.
SCREEN – Composition 86% polyamide / 14% elastane
Petenatti Fabric. Lycra homologated! High absorption of sweat from the body and dispersion of heat, has a bacteriostatic treatment that blocks the action of bacteria. Product with UV Protetion that blocks the passage of ultraviolet rays, protecting the skin.
STRING SCREEN – Composition 100% polyamide
Mesh in opaque polyamide with drill effect. Lightweight and soft touch. It has Dry technology, thus increasing the hydrophilicity of the article. UV protection 50.
Besides the comfort, this screen is very competitive price.
Fabric DRY – Composition 100% polyester
Polyester microfiber mesh with perforated effect. Accepts sublimation. It has Dry technology, thus increasing the hydrophilicity of the article. UV protection.
FITMAX – This fabric helps to decrease muscle vibration during sports, giving a firm feeling.
SUBLIME MAX – Provides rapid transfer of heat and moisture to the environment leaving the piece dry and feeling fresh. It has UV 50+ protection that gives protection against UVA and UVB rays. Due to its structure with elastane provides elasticity giving freedom to the movements and support the musculature. It does not deform, is super tough and does not form pilling (balls).
CEPLEX PELUCIADO – Composition: 85% polyester / 15% elastane
This fabric is for those who feel quite cold !!! Therefore, we have both options in basic cigarettes and is essentially used in the making of the clothes. To be sure: we always seek to offer quality products, but with an affordable price, and it was the price we changed supplier of this fabric. ANTI PILLING (DOES NOT GIVE COOKIES).
CEPLEX – Composition: 90% polyester / 10% elastane
Lady line and low price, which has been part of the collection of DU SELL for 15 years, not missing in the catalog.
OPACITY: Dry® and UV 50+ Solar Protection.
PETTENATI RECYCLING: Pettenati Recycling was developed with a new generation of polyester fibers, much thinner, obtained from the recycling of PET bottles, which combined with the highest textile technology, result in a soft, comfortable fabric, pleasant to the touch and very sturdy. In order to dress a better world, we add recyclable and renewable raw materials to sustainable production, benefiting the environment and society through the involvement of green partners who seek to reuse materials a way of life. Be part of this cycle too.

ECO³ PETTENATI: ECO³ is the commemoration of a biography dedicated to the care of nature. We made a lush valley of native forest our home, integrating us naturally and with the minimum of impact, harmoniously as an element of nature – making the company a source of preservation. Like a tree, we grow and stretch our branches, branching the roots and fitting us into a safe and happy space, telling a love story. We add to our sustainable practices, even more recyclable and renewable raw materials, expanding the ideal that is inherent in our company’s culture of ensuring a green future for all.
ZAP: KETTENSPORT: A perfect line for those looking for the best performance during sports activities. Ketten’s exclusive technology through the simultaneous knitting process, so they can not be undone, which makes the fabric more resilient and effective, perfect for the fitness segment.
SUEDINE: Egyptian thread. Premium Crop. UV Protection 50+. PURE EGYPTIAN COTTON: Pettenati Egyptian Cotton fabrics are produced with the combed yarn, composed of the longest fibers of the best vintages of Egypt and undergo a special process and preparation and cleaning which makes the surface smoother and silky. Egyptian Pettenati Cotton fabrics have less impurities providing a more ‘bright’ look and more liveliness of colors. High quality. Smoothness and Sedosity. Soft and natural touch.
P.E.T. DRY® EXTREME: is a new Pettenati concept developed with an exclusive Performance Engineering technology, a high technology system in which the construction of the fabric is designed for the very high heat dispersion and the high absorption of sweat of the body, extreme performance situations.
The ULTRAMICRO DRY line is built with ultra-fine, state-of-the-art polyester microfibers, which generates a highly efficient thermal exchange by which heat and perspiration vapors are dispersed before it creates perspiration, thereby reducing its formation.
Specially designed in two micro-layers, it potentiates the observation of the sweat, transporting it to the outside of the fabric and accelerating the drying, keeping the body dry and the temperature stable. ULTRAMICRO DRY fabrics are comfortable, have excellent trim and silkiness, offering versatility, strength and technology. They are easy to maintain and can be washed and machine dried.
The ULTRAMICRO DRY fabric line is designed for sports that require extreme performance combined with extreme comfort.
UV50 + DOUTEX: You are purchasing a piece made with UV protection 50+ attested by Doutex. This technology ensures efficiency against the harmful effects of solar radiation, under conditions of dry and non-stretched fabric, throughout the useful life of the piece, as it does not come out in the washes.
Aquatic Colors, Italy and Sunshine: CREORA, UV PROTECTION and DRY.
CREORA: This product contains cremaster® highclo ™ technology, which is highly resistant to chlorine, mainly in the use of swimming pools, increasing tissue durability and maintaining compression.

DRY: You will notice the difference when you use this DRY piece of fabric, which causes sweat to spread through the outer layers of the fabric, keeping your skin drier and cooler.
50+ PROTECTION: This piece has Pettenati’s UV Protection 50+ property, which blocks the passage of ultraviolet rays, protecting the skin with a factor of over 50 (FPU 50+)
Pettenati Recycled Cotton fabric is an unprecedented cycle of sustainability.
In this process, waste cotton fabrics surplus to production, with different colors and thickness, are separated and directed to the recycling cycle, in which they are mechanically ground without the use of water, dyes or chemicals.
The result is a fabric with a handcrafted look, with irregular colored dots characteristic of the process. In light colors this effect is even more evident.
In the composition of the fabric with artisanal visual, with irregular colored dots characteristic of the process. In light colors this effect is even more evident.
In the composition of the Cotton Recyclate fabric, polyester fibers obtained from the recycling of PET bottles are also used.
ENERGY UP PETTENATI: High performance microfibers. Moisture management. Absorption and dry transport – P.E.T. DRY ®. Breathability. Lightweight and flexible. It slides through the body, releasing movement. Synthetic gloss for a high impact active. Functionality and resistance. Easy to maintain. Shape Memory. UV Protection +50.
COMPRESSION: The mesh of this piece helps decrease muscle vibration during sports, reducing the aches and pains caused by intense workouts and improving their performance. Feeling of firmness. Reduces the pain and tiredness of intense workouts. Use in post workout helps in muscle recovery.

UV 50+ TEXNEO: This product was developed with UV50 + technology, which offers sun protection for your skin, blocking up to 98% of the UVA and UVB rays. Practice outdoor sports with much more comfort and protection. Does not go out in the wash; High sun protection on your skin; Fast drying.
DRY TEXNEO: The fabrics of this piece have Dry technology, which facilitates the evaporation of sweat, transporting it out of the fabric and helping to keep body temperature regulated, even in hot climates. Helps to stabilize body temperature; It dries more easily, aiding in performance; Fresh fabric and soft touch.

FLEECE Pettenati: Fleece Since 1975. Original Collection Pettenati. Created in 1975, a key item from the Fashion Wardrobe. The original Fleece Pettenati uses combed cotton yarns, which undergo a special fiber cleaning process, providing smoothness and resistance. Differentiated finishes prevent shrinkage and twisting of the part. We combine authenticity and innovation in the production process with quality raw materials, non-toxic and biodegradable, achieving sustainability throughout the textile chain.